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Fishes of Idaho

How are your identification skills? Do you know which are native and which were introduced? To see photos and descriptions, and learn more about Idaho fish, check out our Fishes of Idaho online database.

There are around 20,000 species of fish in the world. About 58% of these are marine (saltwater) fish, 41% are freshwater fish, and 1% are both. We have around 100 species in Idaho, and the list keeps growing as more non-native fish are released into Idaho waters. There are only 39 species of fish native to Idaho. The rest were introduced--some by accident, but most on purpose.


Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)


The historic distribution and number of coho salmon in Idaho is not well-documented. They are not generally known to migrate the long distances that sockeye and chinook salmon do, although there are reports of coho salmon returns in tributaries to the Clearwater River. Attempts to create landlocked populations have not been highly successful. Attempts to re-establish anadromous populations are currently underway by Native American Tribal fisheries programs.

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