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Current Award Recipients

The Idaho Chapter is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Chapter awards:

Lifetime Achievement AwardCharlie Petrosky
Mark Gamblin
Dan Schill
Annual Merit Service Awards Dan Schill
President 2018-2019
Rob Ryan
Secretary-Treasurer 2017-2019
Distinguished Service AwardMarika Dobos
Nominations Committee Chair 2018-2019
Skyler Smith
Service as BYU-Idaho Unit President 2017-2018
Katherine Gillies-Rector
Service as Palouse Unit President 2017-2018
Jorge Rosales
Service as Portneuf Unit President 2017-2018
Steve Anglea
Service as Fundraising Committee Chair 2016-2018
Jamie Mitchell
Service as Aquaculture Committee Chair 2014-2018
Laura Sprague
Service as Aquaculture Committee Chair 2014-2018
Matt Corsi
Service as Continuing Education Committee Chair 2013-2018
Zach Klein
Service as Native Fish Committee Chair 2016-2018
Dan Dauwalter
Service as Native Fish Committee Chair 2014-2017
Outstanding Fishery Professional AwardCurtis Roth, Brett High, Matthew Campbell, Daniel Schill, Don Whitney, Kevin Meyer, Brett Bowersox, Luciano Chiaramonte, Joshua McCormick, Tony Lamansky, Michael Quist, and Ninh Vu
Richard L. Wallace Native Fish
Conservationist of the Year Award
Matthew Campbell
Outstanding Mentor AwardRobert Hand
Excellence in Aquaculture AwardTyson Fehringer
Dworshak National Fish Hatchery USFWS and Nez Perce Tribal Fish Production and Maintenance Team
Aquatic Habitat AwardTiege Ulschmid, Ryan Banks, Lauren Andrews, Jeanne McFall, Art Butts
Best Student PosterShawnie Geisler
Title: Age and Growth Patterns of Paiute Sculpin (Cottus Beldingii) in Antelope Creek, Idaho
Best Student PresentationKatherine Gillies-Rector
Presented: Otolith Analysis Reveals Variable Juvenile Growth And Migration In Chinook Salmon Experiencing Different Environmental Conditions
Best Professional PosterJohn Hargrove
Title: Improving Estimates of Abundance for ESA-Listed Wild Adult Chinook Salmon and Steelhead in the Snake River Basin
Best Professional PresentationJosh McCormick
Presented: Estimating Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Population Dynamics Using An Integrated Population Model

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