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Native Fish Committee


Pat Kennedy
Phone: 208-465-8404

Nicki Graham
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The Native Fish Committee is comprised of a diverse group of fisheries scientists representing many different federal, state, and tribal agencies and private enterprises. The committee has focused on educational outreach from the classroom to an annual foray to explore native fish assemblages or species in their natural environment. Periodically the committee finds itself representing a native species at risk and writing letters of support for conservation actions or a position statement on behalf of native fish and the chapter. The committee recognizes the issues and problems confronting Idaho's native fish from anthropogenic impacts to natural or succession changes and the impacts of non-native species. Regardless of the species stature regarding sport and non-sport fish all are important components to a fish assemblage and ecosystem. Annually recognition is given with the R. L. Wallace Award to an individual or individuals that have made an exemplary effort or efforts on behalf of an Idaho native fish or fishes.


The Mission of the Native Fish Committee is to promote the conservation of Idaho's native fish through education and outreach activities, public recognition of outstanding work towards native fish conservation; and to serve as an outlet for the discussion and dissemination of information pertinent to Idaho's native fish.


The committee will seek to accomplish the committee mission through the following goals:

  1. Educate biologists, chapter members, and other interested parties on the biology, habitat requirements, status, and threats/impacts to Idaho's native fish.
  2. Publicly acknowledge individuals or groups who have made noteworthy contributions to the conservation of Idaho's native fish.
  3. Provide technical assistance to the chapter on issues involving native fish.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Awarded the Richard L. Wallace Native Fish Conservationist Award to the Nez Perce Tribe Watershed Division for their holistic, process-based approach to river restoration. The Newsome Creek, Red River, Crooked River, and Collette Mine projects have all demonstrated their commitment to restoring watershed processes and dedication to the fisheries they strive to protect. These projects are all large, multiple-year, valley bottom restoration projects that restore natural watershed functions.