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Aquatic Habitat Committee


Jeanne McFall
Phone: 208-287-2792

Jeff DiLuccia
Phone: 208-759-2271


The Aquatic Habitat Committee was created at the 2010 annual meeting to combine the Riparian Committee and the Water Quality/Stream Hydrology Committee. The reorganization was to align the goals of establishing and maintaining multiple aspects of a healthy aquatic and riparian environment for productive life stage persistence. This includes floodplain connectivity and ecosystem health to encourage a healthy aquatic habitat.


This mission of the Aquatic Habitat Committee is to provide support and information for fisheries professionals and other interested parties, in the management, conservation, and restoration of aquatic and riparian habitats throughout Idaho.


The committee will seek to accomplish the committee mission through the following goals:

  1. Raise awareness of important ecological processes that are essential to maintaining quality aquatic habitat.
  2. Create opportunities for Chapter members to be involved in habitat restoration efforts, workshops, field visits, trainings, etc.
  3. Coordinate with student Chapters and local academic institutions to maintain an awareness of current research related to aquatic habitats, which also provides an avenue to engage students in ICAFS and professional development.
  4. Develop informational products that describe the importance of high quality aquatic habitat. Examples could include posters, pamphlets, etc., for either internal distribution, external distribution, or both.
  5. Provide information about aquatic habitat data that is readily available from various sources, e.g. state and federal agencies.

Recent Accomplishments

  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014 - Hosted the Poster Session - Idaho Falls, ID ICAFS meeting
  • 2013 - Hosted the Poster Session - Boise, ID WDAFS meeting (80+ Posters)
  • 2013 - Developed and Coordinated the Habitat Monitoring Symposium - WDAFS Boise, ID (8 presenters)
  • 2012 - Provided Support for Development of the Caldera Symposium - Island Park, ID
  • 2011 - Hosted the Streambank Soil Bioengineering Advanced Training - 3 day workshop - Afton, WY
  • 2010 - Provided Support for the Implementation of the Unraveling the Spring Creek Mystery Workshop - Pocatello, ID ICAFS meeting
  • 2010 - Facilitated the merge of the Riparian and Water Quality Committees and Development of the new Fish Habitat Committee
  • 2009 - Hosted the Streambank Soil Bioengineering Technical Training - 3 day Workshop - Afton, WY
  • 2009 - Hosted the Grant Writing Workshop - ICAFS Meeting - Boise, ID

2010 Program of Work

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