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Aquaculture Committee


Laura Sprague
Phone: 208-476-5738

Jamie Mitchell
Phone: 208-788-2847

Ken Cain
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Fish culture is truly the cornerstone of the American Fisheries Society. Our parent society was originally started in 1870 as the American Fish Culturists' Association. While our name and focus has changed over the years to now encompass all disciplines of fisheries and ecosystem management, one thing remains the same, aquaculture will continue to play an important role in resource management for years to come.

Idaho is extremely rich in diversity with regards to our aquaculture programs and we employ some of the "best and brightest" in the business. Between our tribal programs, federal programs, state programs, university programs and an incredibly large private sector, we've got quite a bit to be proud of.

As aquaculturists, we have a long history in the development of this professional Society and it's up to us to continue to foster growth and development as well as provide direction for the generations that follow. What better time than right now to get active in AFS at both the State and National level? As active members, let's do our part to help spread the word to both member and non-member fisheries professionals. Get interested in AFS, get involved, and help us make our Chapter one of the best in the nation!


The mission of the Aquaculture Committee is to promote the continuing development and enhancement of aquaculture and recognize its significance as an integral tool used in fisheries conservation and management as well as a legitimate food source.


The committee will seek to accomplish the mission through the following goals:

  1. Continue to boost attendance at ICAFS functions from our aquaculture and fish health community.
  2. Continue producing continuing education workshops in conjunction with the annual ICAFS meeting each year.
  3. Provide outreach presentations annually for student chapters in Idaho focusing on the field of aquaculture and fish health. The goal of the presentation is to give students some background on the roles aquaculture plays in fisheries conservation and management. We will also talk about what kind of jobs are out there for those interested in pursuing a career in aquaculture or fish health.
  4. Arrange for a student(s) to be mentored within one of the many state, Federal, Tribal or private hatchery systems in Idaho.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Awarded "Excellence in Aquaculture" award to Dr. Christine Moffitt. This honor is given annually at the ICAFS meetings. This award is given in recognition for outstanding achievement in the field of aquaculture or aquaculture related research.
  • Our 2015 annual committee meeting had 23 participants, which is definitely a boost in attendance.
  • We continue to produce quality workshops at the annual chapter meetings that benefit not only our committee members but the chapter as a whole. Our 2015 water quality CE class had 35 attendees. We had some very good speakers who presented some critical information that is pertinent to how fish culture professionals do business on a daily basis and how things will be changing in the future. For further information about this year's CE workshop or to get a copy of a disk containing all of the presentations, please contact Jamie Mitchell.