2021 Fishes Without Borders

Fishes Without Borders II - Program

Accompaning Powerpoint Presentations

IDFGFishes Without Borders II - Introduction
Lance Hebdon
IDFGDoes Passage Through Snake RIver Dams Cause Latent Mortality?
Tiffani Marsh and Steven G Smith
IDFGDistribution of genetic variation underlying adult migration timing in steelhead of the Columbia River basin
E.E. Collins
IDFG Summer Steelhead stock composition in the Columbia RIver sport and treaty fisheries 2015-2019
Alan Byrne
IDFGNonnative Fish Distribution Model Reveals a Potentially Overlooked Predation Threat to Native Salmonids
Erika S. Rubenson
IDFG Measuring the cumulative and additive effects of colonial waterbird predation on steelhead survival in the Columbia River Basin
Quinn Payton
IDFG Association between pinniped abundance and survival for individual opulations of adult spring/summer Chinook salmon in the lower Columbia River
Mark Sorel
IDFGEstimating pinniped predation on Columbia River salmon while staying one step ahead of a natural born fisher
Michelle Wargo Rub
IDFG Warming ocean conditions relate to changes in salmon prey field and juvenile salmon trophic requirements
Elizabeth Daly
IDFG Nonstationary ocean climate effects on Pacific salmon productivity
Mike Litzow
IDFGTwo anomalously warm years in the Northern California Current: impacts on early marine Steelhead diet composition, morphology, and survival
Hillary Thalmann
IDFGEffects of the North Pacific Current on Pacific salmon productivity vary across time and space
Michael Malick
IDFGClimate change threatens Chinook salmon throughout their life cycle
Lisa Crozier
IDFGRecord-setting Abundances of Pink Salmon Impact Pacific Salmon and other Marine Species, including Southern Resident Killer Whales
Greg Ruggerone
IDFG Utilizing open access salmon trophic ecology data to understand spatial and interspecies dynamics across the North Pacific Ocean
Caroline Graham
IDFGClimate and competition influence sockeye salmon population dynamics across the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Brendan Connors
IDFGDensity-dependent marine survival of hatchery-origin Chinook salmon may be associated with pink salmon
Neala Kendall
IDFGEcological Thresholds and Temporal Patterns in Chinook Salmon Forecast Performance
Will Satterthwaite