Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2022 Annual Meeting

Poster Presenter Guidelines

2022 ICAFS Annual Meeting at Shoshone-Bannock Hotel and Events Center, Ft. Hall, Idaho

Poster Overview

The Poster Presentation session will be held Thursday, March 3, between 9:20 am and 10:30 am. At least one of the authors should be at the poster during the poster session. Please follow the directions below to ensure a successful presentation.

Poster Setup and Removal

Posters can be set up on Thursday morning starting at 7:00 a.m. in the Events Center hallway and will stay up for the full day. We cannot guarantee security of posters left in the hallway past the end of the day on Thursday. Posters will be mounted on a tri-fold display board that will be provided. Pushpins and tape will be provided to mount your poster on the tri-fold display board. Posters must be reclaimed by the end of the meeting (noon on Friday, March 4). Any poster not removed by this time will be destroyed.

Electronic Poster Upload

In addition to hard-copy posters displayed at the venue, posters will be made available electronically (pdf or Powerpoint format) on the meeting website to remote attendees. A few days before the conference, we will distribute poster upload instructions.

Poster Preparation Guidelines

A poster presentation consists of a visual display combined with an interpersonal question and answer period. The content of an effective poster presentation should be direct, focused, and concise.

Posters must be no larger than 36 inches (0.91m) high and 48 inches (1.2m) wide in landscape orientation. Do not mount your poster on thick poster board as it may be too heavy for pushpins or too rigid for the tri-fold display.

Posters need to contain succinct headings that organize and logically display the information. Graphics should be explicit and brief. Elaboration is best done verbally just as if it were an oral presentation using slides. A short and legible Introduction and Summary of Conclusions are essential. The poster display should focus on:


Poster sessions are viewed by a large audience. To accommodate a group at a single poster presentation, the font size must be large enough to be legible at a distance of approximately 6 feet. Choose a simple and clear font. The weight of the font (the thickness of each letter) must be medium or bold. Below are guidelines for font size for viewing at various distances.

To be legible at: Use:
6 ft 30 pt
10 ft 48 pt
12 ft 60 pt
14 ft 72 pt