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Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2022 Annual Meeting

Presenter Guidelines

2022 ICAFS Annual Meeting at the Shoshone-Bannock Events Center, Ft. Hall, Idaho


Oral presentations will be given on Wednesday, March 2 - Friday, March 4, 2022. Please follow the directions below to ensure a successful presentation.

Presentation Design Requirements

Designing presentations on a MAC:

Using Videos in Your Presentation:

Uploading Your Presentation File

Oral presenters must upload their electronic presentations (PowerPoint presentations) through the ICAFS Dropbox. A reminder, all video files must be uploaded as separate files from your PowerPoint presentation (even if they are embedded in the presentation).

The link to the ICAFS Dropbox, the user name and password information is below. Presentations must be uploaded by Friday, February 25, 2022 at 5:00 PM MST. Because of the constraints associated with delivering a high-quality hybrid meeting, no changes to your presentation will be possible after that time.

The good news about this hybrid meeting is that no pre-recorded talks will be used!

FILE NAMES FOR UPLOAD: all uploaded file names need to start with the last name of the PRESENTER in all CAPS. The remaining characters should be a brief description of the talk. Examples:

JONES_CutthroatMigration.pptx and JONES_CutthroatMigration.avi

ICAFS Dropbox link: ICAFS Dropbox
Log on using ICAFS email:
Password is: icafsrocks

Be sure to LOG OUT OF ANY PERSONAL DROPBOX ACCOUNT BEFORE logging into the ICAFS Dropbox account.

Presentation Length
All invited and contributed presentations are 20 minutes. Three things happen during this time period: the speaker introduction by the moderator (1 minute, including the brief biography you provided), the presentation (15-16 minutes), and the question and answer period (3-4 minutes).    

Presenters will not be allowed to go over the 20-minute time limit. Since it is essential that we maintain the meeting schedule and keep the concurrent sessions synchronized all presentations must start and end on time with no exceptions. The moderator will notify you at 15 minutes. You will be asked to leave the podium at 20 minutes!

Hybrid Presentation Format
A moderator, student assistants, and livestream technician at the in-person venue will conduct each session. Talks in any given session may be a mix of in-person and remote presentations. The slides and a small-window view of the speaker will be projected on screens at the venue and livestreamed through a web app (not Cvent!) to remote attendees. In-person presenters will use a podium and microphone as usual, and a video camera will be used to project the image of the speaker. Remote presenters will join via Zoom, and the Zoom feed will be used to project their image and deliver audio. There will be no screen-sharing and no pre-recorded talks.

All slides will be advanced by a technician in the room upon verbal command by the presenter, whether the presenter is in the room or joining remotely. We are doing this to ensure a seamless, high-quality hybrid meeting that will be experienced the same way by all attendees and speakers. Minimize use of on-click animations, and build the “next slide” command into your presentation practice! Design your slides so that you can easily draw attention to particular content without a laser pointer or mouse cursor. Remote attendees will be able to ask questions via a chat feature, and a student assistant will relay those questions to the moderator, who will balance questions from remote attendees and from people in the room.

In-person presenters should meet with their moderator during the break immediately prior to their session. Remote presenters should join via Zoom during that time. A Zoom link specific to their session will be emailed to all remote presenters at least 24 hours before their session, along with instructions for how to minimize the probability of livestream failure and what to do if that happens. If you are presenting remotely, please dress professionally and either use an uploaded Zoom background image or arrange an uncluttered, appropriate background view from your computer's camera. If you need to change your attendance mode (remote vs. in-person) from what you originally specified when you submitted your abstract, you can do that any time on or before Monday, February 28. Changing your attendance mode will not change your presentation session and time slot. 

Presentation Guidelines
Oral presentations should generally contain the following elements: introduction, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions/implications. Make sure to clearly state your objectives. Avoid unnecessary detail in the methods unless the methodology is the central topic of your talk. Primarily discuss the results and conclusions/implications. The conclusions/implications should relate back to the objectives.

Oral Presentation Contact
Presenters who need more information or assistance should contact:

Issues related to topic, content, session, or attendance mode:
Program Co-chairs Bryce Oldemeyer ( or Jenn Vincent (  

Design & uploading questions:
Kristi Stevenson (

Questions about hybrid format:
Meeting organizer Rob Van Kirk (