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Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2021 Annual Meeting

Oral Presenter Guidelines

2021 ICAFS Virtual Annual Meeting

Presentation Guidelines

We need to have your material ready to post ahead of time! Authors will be provided with a link by email to upload slideshows and posters. Uploads should be completed by February 22. We will update authors with virtual presentation tips and tricks as the meeting time approaches.

Talks- Presenters will give their talks live! For an assured secure connection, moderators will advance the slides at the author's command. Please be ready with a cell phone to ensure that audio remains if your home connection fails. A moderated Q&A session will follow with questions submitted to the moderator by chat.

A few pieces of advice for presenters in creating their talks. Use the 4:3 slide size. Do not include videos, animations, or complex slides that require a lot of pointer use to explain. These features will be confusing when the viewer's connection not good. Instead, mimic animations by simply adding overlays to an existing slide in sequence. Put in arrows or circles to mimic a pointer. Lastly, begin your presentation with a slide showing your picture and some brief text to introduce yourself, before your formal title slide. This slide will help those who are accessing the talk after your presentation. Remember, your talk will be posted for months afterwards!

Posters- Posters should be formatted as a single-slide Powerpoint or pdf. All posters will be available to meeting attendees beginning Tuesday. Poster presenters should include a picture of themselves with job title and affiliation somewhere on the poster. Sessions for interactions with poster authors are scheduled for Thursday afternoon. A moderator will run the Q&A session. Each author will have 2-3 minutes to introduce themselves and describe their poster. Questions will be submitted by chat and relayed to the authors by the moderator.