Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2021 Annual Meeting

Fishes Without Borders

Sponsored by: Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Anadromous Committee

Description: The Anadromous Committee of the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society are excited to host the "Fishes Without Borders II Workshop" at the virtually-held 2021 Annual Meeting. The goal for this workshop is to expose our chapter members to research being conducted outside of the state of Idaho that is relevant to Idaho’s anadromous fishes. These fish travel down the Snake and Columbia rivers to the ocean where most either migrate out to the open ocean or up along the coastline as far north as the Gulf of Alaska. They can spend multiple years in the ocean before returning back to Idaho to spawn. Consequently, a large portion of their complex life histories are subjected to harvest, predation, competition for resources, and environmental conditions outside of Idaho. Understanding these factors is important for managing our Idaho populations.

Our all-day workshop will host an array of talented researchers from various agencies, universities, and non-profits that will explore a wide range of factors influencing anadromous fish survival. Presentations in the morning will include topics on large mainstem river and hydrosystem impacts; tribal and sport harvest; and predation from fish, birds, and pinnipeds. In the afternoon, talks will focus on changing ocean conditions; and marine ecological factors affecting growth, survival, and population dynamics. In short, this workshop aims to shed light into a 'black box' of life stage-specific influences on Idaho’s anadromous fishes, while also encouraging information exchange and greater communication between freshwater and downriver or ocean biologists. Please join us in exploring the exciting new research relevant to managing Idaho anadromous fish populations.


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