Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2020 Annual Meeting

Gill Net Design and Gill Net Selectivity Workshop

Sponsored by: Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Instructor: Dr. Zach Klein, Emporia State University

Date and Time: Half day on March 10th; 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Lunch: Not provided

Fee: $40

Maximum Number of Participants: 40

Description: Gill nets and gill net sampling are a ubiquitous part of inland fisheries management. However, the mechanisms by which gill nets capture fish and the influence those processes can have on size selectivity in gill nets are often misunderstood. In this half day workshop, we will discuss general gill net configurations and the factors influencing capture and retention of fish in gill nets. In addition, we will take an in depth look into modeling size selectivity in gill nets using R statistical software. The workshop is designed to give attendees a better understanding of how gill nets function and how to adjust gill net data for size selectivity. Attendees should have a familiarity with the basic function of R statistical software. All data and R packages will be provided, but attendees will need to bring a laptop with the latest version of R statistical software.

Registration: Please visit the Registration Form to register for these workshops. It is possible to register only for a workshop and not attend the meeting, if you so choose, though you'll be missing a lot of good information. Stick around!