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Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2020 Annual Meeting


Online registration has now closed, you will need to register at the door.

Interested in our plenary speakers? Click here for their biographies.

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Fee Schedule Student* Young
(AFS Member)
(AFS Non-member)***
Retiree 1-day Registration
Early Registration
(ends 2/10/2020)
$0 $40 $275 $375 $40 $125
Late Registration
(from 2/10 to 2/28/2020)
$0 $50 $325 $425 $40 $125
At the Door $100 $200 $375 $475 $100 $125

*Students - As your registration is free you will need to sign up to volunteer at the annual meeting. Please contact Drew Suchomel for volunteer duties. You can get an idea of what jobs are available by visiting the Volunteer Opportunities page.

**Young Professionals - To qualify for this registration rate, you must be ineligible for attendance support at the annual ICAFS meeting by your current employer AND currently unemployed permanently in the fisheries field. In addition, you must be willing to volunteer at the annual meeting in exchange for this reduced registration. Please contact Drew Suchomel to help at the meeting!

AFS Members - Your registration includes attendance to the Banquet/Fundraiser for one person. Extra banquet tickets (for age 18 and older) can be purchased for $25; please click here to buy tickets for your guest(s) using your personal credit card. You can also buy tickets at the door. The early rate changes on February 10th (+$50) and online registration closes on February 28th, 2019. If you have to pay at the door, it's $100 extra! PLEASE save your money and register online early, it really helps us, and you!!!!

***Non-AFS Members - You'll notice an increase of $100 to your registration fee when compared to current National AFS members. Your membership in the American Fisheries Society has many benefits, demonstrates a commitment to your profession, and ultimately helps sustain fisheries resources. Plus you now get all 5 AFS journals online for free! This is a great deal! If you are not member, please consider joining today for just $95.

Retirees - We are grateful to your contribution to our fisheries community and would love to see you at the meeting! Please be sure to attend the Student Social on March 6th to help mentor in our next generation of fisheries scientists. Thank you!

AFS Meeting Code of Conduct - AFS is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants. Please take a minute to review the AFS Meeting Code of Conduct here.

Wondering about those extra non-work related event fees? Use your personal credit card to pre-pay for extra Banquet tickets and register for the Spawning Run this year!

To buy extra Banquet Tickets ($35 each, 18 and older) click here. You may also buy tickets at the door though pre-paying helps us plan!

The Spawning Runis a 1.85 mile or 3.7 mile walk or run. You can sign up at the registration table for $15.

For information or assistance with registration, please contact Matt Belnap or Lauren Andrews.