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2020 Annual Meeting

2020 Call For Abstracts

The deadline for abstract submissions is January 17, 2020

Please use the following link to submit your abstract for the 2020 Annual ICAFS Meeting
2020 ICAFS Submission Form
(you will be directed to a Google Form).

Ignite Presenter Guidelines

2020 ICAFS Annual Meeting at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


Ignite sessions have been a staple at many meetings for several years now and provide a great platform for people to quickly share project updates, notes from the field, or other important topics that don't require a full 20-minute presentation. Ignite talks take this idea one step further by automating slide progression and condensing the talk to 5 minutes!

Topics can be inspirational, funny, or informative but all should strive to be engaging and entertaining. Maybe you want to update the membership on the good work of a specific group in the State or maybe you have figured out a better mouse trap, the possibilities are endless.

Designing your Ignite Presentation:

If your Ignite talk is selected for presentation, you will need a PowerPoint template to build your talk with. This template has the automatic progression and timer built in.

Download your Ignite template Here

New to the Ignite format? Follow the link for more information. Click here for Ignite Presentation Tips
Want to see some examples of Ignite presentations? Click here for examples of Ignite Talks


  • 20 Slides - no more, no less.
  • 5 Minutes - each slide displays for 15 sec. and 15 sec. x 20 slides = a 5 minute presentation.
  • No Animation
  • Please note: If you are unable to follow these rules or have a special request, contact us so we can figure out how to best accommodate your particular needs.

Click here for a IGNITE! Presentation Guide

Presentation Design Requirements

  • Presentations must be designed in a 4:3 aspect using PowerPoint only.
  • Office 2013 defaults to the 16:9 aspect, which is not accepted this year. Change this aspect before you design your talk.
    • To change the aspect of your talk, go under the Design tab and click on the arrow next to Slide Size and choose ' 4:3'.

Designing presentations on a MAC:

  • Presentations need to be designed in MS Office PowerPoint for MAC.
  • No .pdf files will be accepted.
  • If you have any design questions please contact:

Uploading Your Presentation File

Oral presenters must upload their electronic presentations (PowerPoint presentations) through the ICAFS Dropbox.

The link to the ICAFS Dropbox, the user name and password information is below. Presentations must be uploaded by Friday, March 6, 2020 at 5:00 PM.

PRESENTATION NAMING: all uploaded file names need to include the name of the PRESENTER.

EX: MAMERvietagretention2020.ppt

ICAFS Dropbox link: ICAFS Dropbox
Log on using ICAFS email:
Password is: icafsrocks

Be sure to LOG OUT OF ANY PERSONAL DROPBOX ACCOUNT BEFORE logging into the ICAFS Dropbox account.

Presenters can preview their presentations at the annual meeting by visiting the Media Center which will be located adjacent to the registration table.

Coordinating with the Moderator

A moderator will conduct each session. Please provide your moderator with a brief biography that the moderator can use to introduce you. The biography should include: current position, organization, and other pertinent information.

Presentation Guidelines

You will be speaking from a podium-mounted computer and microphone. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the computer, microphone, and laser-pointer prior to giving your presentation. Please meet with your moderator at the break preceding your presentation for instructions, if not sooner.

Oral presentations should generally contain the following elements: introduction, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions/implications. Make sure to clearly state your objectives. Avoid unnecessary detail in the methods unless the methodology is the central topic of your talk. Primarily discuss the results and conclusions/implications. The conclusions/implications should relate back to the objectives.

Oral/Ignite Presentation Contacts

Presenters who need more information or assistance should contact the following:

Oral/Ignite Presentations (topic, content or session related):

Program Co-chairs: Nicky Graham or Jake Hughes

Oral/Ignite Presentations (AV design & uploading questions):

Media Center: Kristi Stevenson