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Idaho Chapter
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2020 Annual Meeting

Call for Award Nominations

The Idaho Chapter has an active awards program that seeks to recognize those who have made important contributions in furthering the mission of the Chapter. Over the years, the Chapter has presented a wide variety of awards to a large number of individuals. Each of the awards currently up for nomination by the Chapter are described below.

These Awards are open for nominations until
January 25, 2020

R.L. Wallace Native Fish Conservationist of the Year Award
Conservationist of the Year Award

The Richard L. Wallace Native Fish Conservationist of the Year Award is sponsored by the Native Fish Committee. The award was created by the Native Fish Committee in 2004 and is presented annually to an individual, group, or organization for outstanding achievement in native fish conservation in Idaho. Please send nominations (that outline the nominee’s accomplishments) to Patrick Kennedy ( or Nicole Graham ( no later than January 25, 2020.

Outstanding Mentor Award

It is time once again to consider those amongst us who have gone above and beyond the call in mentoring students and/or young professionals during their career. The Idaho Chapter annually recognizes one member with the Outstanding Mentor Award. Please take a few minutes to nominate one (or more) of your peers who have invested their time over the years to make a difference in the development of folks within our profession. The recipient of this award should meet or exceed the follow-ing criteria: A current or previous fisheries professional. Provided substantial assistance to Idaho fisheries profession-als/students, with preference given to those who are or were active in ICAFS. Demonstrated a sincere interest/devotion in seeing students and professionals succeed. Provided ample learning and training opportunities for students and professionals to gain experience otherwise unobtainable without the assistance of the nominated professional. Please send nominations to Joe Thiessen ( or Jessica Buelow (, no later than January 25, 2020.

Aquatic Habitat Award

The Aquatic Habitat Committee would like either written or video nominations for this year’s Habitat Award to honor achievements made in implementing beneficial projects. Video format submissions should be 3-minute maximum and encouraged to have either text or voice-over to describe the project and background. Videos may also be sequenced still images. Nominations should include location of project, primary biological objectives of the restoration, fish species targeted, and cost. The ICAFS Habitat Improvement Award is given either to individuals or a team who have demonstrated significant contributions towards improving fish and aquatic habitat, restoring floodplains, and enhancing riverine systems for fish spawning and rearing. This work may include, but is not limited to, landowner coordination efforts, design and implementation of habitat features, restoring fish passage, and restoring conditions closer to natural and native river landscapes. Please submit a nomination no longer than one page (or short video) detailing how the team or individual meet the criteria no later than January 25, 2020. Nominations supported by more than one Chapter member will receive the strongest consideration. List the names and contact information of Chapter members supporting the nomination. Please send nominations to: Jeanne McFall( or Jeff Diluccia(

Excellence in Aquaculture Award

The Excellence in Aquaculture Award is sponsored by the Aquaculture Committee. The award was created by the Aquaculture Committee in 2008 and is presented annually to an individual or aquaculture facility for outstanding achievement in the field of aquaculture or aquaculture related research. Nominations can be emailed to Shawn Young (, Erik Pankau ( or Ken Cain ( no later than January 25, 2020.